Hey there, friend. I'm an yoga entrepreneur who has built my life from the ground up. But like most people these days, I've got more than one thing going on.

I'm a yoga teacher and blogger, but I'm also a graphic designer, marketing strategist and artist. All of these theme weave together in my work and on the blog.


More of a health goth mermaid than an outdoorsy yoga goddess, my vinyasa yoga style focuses on the dichotomy of challenge and gentleness, and how each path leads to growth. In class, I treat the body and mind as two pieces of the singular unit that makes you who you are.

Having a deep knowledge of a number of movement disciplines, I've practiced partner dancing (salsa, swing), capoeira angola, biking, running and more. Though different practices, these inevitably shape the way I approach vinyasa yoga. I engage in secular sacredness of life, taking time for daily ritual including coffee, practice and meditation.


I've created and implemented a number of rich, multi-platform marketing plans for a number of organizations in Columbus and beyond. I have consulted in existing and developing social media and marketing efforts, and is a fan of homegrown businesses with deep roots in the city in which they live.

I'm a lover of the Columbus creative community, and can be found around town getting my hands dirty with events, arts, creative projects and more.

A yoga class, a photo sesh, an out-and-out branding adventure. Work with me on a project. Get in contact by sending an email.